Enlarged Pores

Pores are the opening of hair follicles which are important for emerging toxins and sweat away from the body. You know you have enlarged pores when you can noticeable see them as they are larger making them more visible to the eye. People with more mature skin or people with oiler skin types are likely to have their pores clogged with oils and debris which should normally emerge out of the pores, enlarging the pores on the skin. It is common that people with larger pores are more susceptible to experiencing breakouts on the skins surface.


Matured skin As we age our collagen, elastin and cell renewal activity declines, this causes our pores to become more unmistakable.

Unclean or oily skin - oils from unclean and natural oily skin types can vacate around our pores, this causes the skin around our pores to condense making the pores more prominent and enlarged.

Sun damage - Sun damage also causes the skin around pores to condense and become thicker and more noticeable..

Genetics - Our genes can determine whether we have larger pores or smaller ones.



This treatment works by generating micro-zones of collagen composing smoother and fresher skin which shrinks the appearance of large pores with a lengthily lasting result and makes your large pores much less noticeable.Click here to find out more about LASER SKIN TREATMENTS.