Redness and Rosacea

Rosacea is a skin condition which usually appears on the face and usually has a long term effect. In many adults it is a inflammatory skin condition like acne. It can emerge as small red lumps which can look pink, pussy and bothered. The complexion of the skin can appear a reddy pink and can even contain small dilated blood vessels.


There is no distinctive cause for Rosacea, however a persons reaction to microscopic mites on the face can trigger it as well as irregularity in the blood vessels. There are a few trigger that are also suggested to advance Rosacea:

Caffeine and alcohol

Extreme weather

Being out in the sun

Exhausting Exercise

Specific foods such as spicy ones



Despite the fact there is no current cure for Rosacea we offer Laser Skin Treatment which can minimise the chances of you Rosacea reappearing and getting worse. By using terse pulses of laser light to the definitive area we are able to minimise the blood vessels whilst leaving the unaffected areas harm free making your Rosacea prone skin appear much clearer and smoother. Click here to find out more about LASER SKIN TREATMENT.