Thread Veins

Thread Veins are harmless minuscule blood vessels trapped in the dermis ( the living layer of the skin) that have dilated and become noticeable to the eyes. They tend to initially appear red, however as the Thread Veins enlarge the can turn through purple to green.


Placing pressure on capillaries and finer veins - this is the main and most common cause of Thread Veins as there are a variety of components contributing to pressure of the capillaries and finer veins that result in damage or expansion. For example some of these components include leg injuries an inactive lifestyle and smoking.

Genetic Inheritance - It is common that the more Thread Veins members of your family have the more likely that you will have Thread Veins as this can be passes down the family.



This treatment is very effective when treating Tread Veins as abrupt intervals of laser are pulsed into the effected area significantly reducing their appearance. This treatment only effects the Thread Veins and leaves the unaffected areas unharmed or damaged. Click here to find out more about LASER SKIN TREATMENT.