Fat Dissolving Treatment

You may notice that no matter how hard you hit the gym, or how disciplined you are at eating a healthy low-calorie diet, some areas of your body just simply won’t let go of pockets of fat. .

Common areas of stubborn pockets of fat:

  • Love handles
  • Abdomen 
  • Inner/outer thighs
  • Under / over the back of bra strap
  • Under the chin
  • Around the jaw line
  • Around the knee cap

DesoBody & DesoFace

Indulgence Beauty is delighted to announce our latest advanced treatments DesoFace and DesoBody which work on stubborn hard to remove fatty areas on the face and body. In line with similar injectable treatments, the active ingredient is Deoxycholic Acid, proven to reduce fat deposits for the right patients. The product is conveniently separated into a face and body concentration Desoface and Desobody and side effects are minimal.

Fat dissolving treatment

Saddlebags Fat Dissolving       Back fat dissolving  

Double chin fat dissolving        double chin fat dissolving 2

moobs fat dissolving        saddle bags fat dissolving

Administered Only By Qualified & Experienced Practitioners

Only qualified practitioners with a wealth of experience administering dermal filler treatments are licensed/insured to perform this treatment so please do ask for our credentials when you book your free consultation.

How many treatments will I need?

A course of 2-4 treatments at 6-8 week intervals will usually be needed to see an improvement.

The treatment is usually painless and will take only a few minutes.

What is the cost?

£750 per treatment or purchase 3 courses and save £250.

What shall I do next?

Call or email us today for your no obligation consultation so we can determine if this is the right treatment for you.