Gel Manicure & Pedicures

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Fed up of getting a manicure or pedicure that doesn’t even make it home from the salon?

Want you nail polish to last more than a couple of days?

Try a Gel polish manicure or pedicure instead.

Benefits of Gel polish

Easy application

Lasts up to 3 weeks with no chipping

No waiting for the polish to dry

Vibrant and shiny colour that lasts so no need to re-apply a top coat

Your nails will feel stronger, so gel can help to grow your nails

Gel causes no damage

Pampering Gel Manicures

A professional manicure doesn’t simply address the nails; Indulgence Beauty will also treat your skin, moisturising and revitalising even the most neglected of hands

Perfect to re-condition and hydrate the skin

Your hands will look and feel fabulous following your manicure

Improves the health and condition of nails, great for fragile and brittle nails

Our manicures leave you feeling totally pampered

For that little extra dazzle why not ask us to add nail art!

Please remember to remove old nail polish so that we have more time to treat your hands

Indulgence is a private clinic in Daventry

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Pay as you go

12 Treatments
£ 276 Total payment
  • 12 payments of £23 each at time of treatment
  • Treatments 1 month apart

Pay up front

12 Treatments
£ 207
Saving £69
  • £207 instead when you pay up front, saving £69
  • Equivalent to three free treatments

Spread the Cost

Spread the cost over 12 months
£ 19
Monthly payment
  • Save £41
  • 12 monthly payments of £19.55