Hyperhidrosis is a condition where the body excessively sweats even when it doesn’t need cooling down. We understand this can be make you feel very insecure and embraced as there is no obviously cause, however treatment is available to stop this and make you feel amazing about yourself again.


Botox ®(Botulinum Toxin Type A):

Your nerve impulses play a extensive role when the body is generating sweat, this treatment works by injecting BOTOX® injections within the sweat glands which block the nerve impulses. The Botox ® treatment massively reduces your sweat production and you wont have to worry about excessively sweating again.Click here to find out more about Botox.


Tracy is a registered nurse (since 1984), practising full time in aesthetic medicine since 2008, and carries out hyperhidrosis treatments on a regular basis.


The cost for the treatment is £399 for both underarms

The treatment/apt takes approx an hour or so although the small injections take only minutes, mostly it is the preparation time required to identify exactly where the injections need to be placed (this is called the starch test).

Longevity of treatment :

The treatment generally lasts for most people up to six months, in some cases this could be longer.