Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair is where a hair has grown in a sideways direction under the skin or curled back into the skin. They can appear red and swollen as well as feeling warm and itchy as a result of the hair follicle being clogged with dead skin debris. People with thick or curly hair are most likely to be affected by an ingrown hair rather than someone with thin, light hair.

Common Causes

Shaving with a blunt razor

Shaving on dry skin

Shaving in the opposite direction of hair growth

Over shaving the same area



This treatment removes hair from the follicle rather than from the skins surface by using a laser light that is absorbed by the hairs pigment stunting any further growth. Removing hair permanently from the follicle mean the hair wont grow back, eliminating the chances of hair growing sideways and curled back as the hair will no longer grow in the choose areas. LASER HAIR REMOVAL works especially well on thick and curly hair making it a great treatment for people experiencing ingrown hairs as this hair type are more likely to be effected by ingrown hairs. Click here to find our more abour LASER HAIR REMOVAL.