Milia are tiny white bumps on the skin that usually appear on the face around the eyes and cheeks and can be found on the body also. Unlike white heads that feel tough and gritty and come with no irritation or pain. They cannot be popped out like a white head. Milia is not harmful or contagious and some may disappear naturally over time, we understand that milia can cause some insecurity and there are some treatments available to remove them instantly.


Milia form when a protein called Keratin which is found in our hair, tissue and nails cells gets captured beneath the exterior of the skin.



This treatment involves taking a small sterile needle to a cleaned face which makes minor incisions to the milia spots to allow the contents to be removed.

HydraFacial MD

This treatment is great for preventing Milia coming back in milia prone skin as the facial cleanses, exfoliates and extracts impurities and comedones to rejuvenate and detox the skin. Click here to find out more about HydraFacialMD.