Plasma Treatment

NON-INVASIVE The A|C|C|O|R NF+ Cosmetic Corrector creates a minuscule electrical arc at its tip.

This arc is called the plasma-arc.

When the plasma-arc touches the skin, (solid) it vaporises (gas) creating a micromillimeter-sized dot on the skin‘s surface. (sublimation)

This dot minimally tightens the skin in the surrounding vicinity.


Plasma lower soft face liftPlasma Neck Lift

Plasma soft faceliftPlasma Upper Eyelid

Plasma Lower Eye Lid LiftPlasma removal of skin tag

Post Treatment Effect

Though the ACCOR treatment is non-invasive and substantially gentler than an operation, offering no down time to the majority of treatments special care must be taken for treatment on/around eyelids. Due to the body’s natural response mechanism, temporary swelling may occur lasting 2-3 days before subsiding naturally.

Number of Treatments Required

Approximately three treatments