How old you are is your business how young you look is ours.


Enjoy super smooth, sexy skin! Touchable and strokable

Wax away those unwanted hairs with Indulgence Beauty in Daventry

Don't share your wax, our PHD system is hygenic meaning much less risk of cross infection

Our Warm Wax method:

  • Is simple, quick and effective
  • Wax removes hair of 2.5mm + length
  • Removes old dead skin cells, leaving newer healthier looking skin
  • Suited to most skin types


  • Smooth skin, no unsightly razor stubble
  • Re-growth is much softer than after shaving
  • Minimum discomfort
  • Lasts for up to 6 weeks

Super smooth underarms, lip, chin, brows.

Why not permanently reduce your unwanted hair with our laser treatments

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Where will I see you? Indulgence Beauty has a private clinic near Daventry. Alternatively, please click here to book a home visit.

What should I do now? To book your waxing treatment, please call Tracy from Indulgence Beauty on 07734 565864 or email me with your request.

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