On 18 March 2022 there is a world wide campaign to celebrate the benefits of sleep. Below are just a few reasons why we are behind the campaign. Keep reading because we have a few hacks if you have been hard hit by a lack of sleep .. or feel that your face just looks like you’ve been hard hit by a lack of sleep 🙂 Click here to go straight to the treatments


Bupa lists 8 great reasons why you should invest in more sleep:

1. Improves your attention and concentration.

It can help you stay sharp and focused all day long. Conversely, lack of sleep can result in mistake making and result in accidents if feeling fatigued when operating machinery or driving

2. Learn and make memories.

Sleep enables you to convert your short term memories to long term memories. This process enables you to learn from experience.

3. Help you maintain a healthy weight

If you’re tired you’re more likely to crave high carb food and have lower will-power and are more likely to snack and feel reluctant to exercise. The longer you are awake the more energy you need. It’s also thought that being sleep-deprived could increase your appetite, because it changes the level of hormones that signal hunger and fullness in your body.

4. Keep your heart healthy

A lack of sleep can increase your risk of developing high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary heart disease and stroke. When you sleep your heart rate and blood pressure naturally drop to allow your heart time to rest and recover. If your blood pressure remains up at night you are more likely to have high blood pressure during the day. A lack of sleep can also lead to inflammation, causing fatty deposits to build up in your arteries, which can lead to coronary heart disease. Poor sleep can also disrupt your body’s ability to regulate your blood sugar which can lead to diabetes.

5. Keep your immune system strong

Sleep gives your body the time it needs to rest and repair while you’re sick. It supports the proteins and cells of your immune system to detect and destroy any foreign invaders your body might come into contact with, like the common cold. It also helps these cells to remember these invaders, so if you come across the same bugs and germs again, you’re prepared to fight them off. So it’s essential to allow yourself time to rest and recover when you’re not feeling well

6. Looks after your emotional and mental well-being

Improving your sleep can also help to improve your mental health and well-being

7. Reduce your stress levels

A good night’s sleep can have an ‘anti-stress’ effect and relax the systems in your body that are responsible for this stress response.

8. Maintain good relationships

It’s no secret that a bad night’s sleep can leave you feeling grumpy, while getting enough good sleep can help to put you in a positive headspace. And when you’re feeling good, it’s likely to be felt by the people around you.



  • A lymphatic drainage massage serves to drain build-up of lymphatic fluid within your facial tissue.

  • Removes Puffiness & Oedema - in particular under the eyes

  • Aids in toxin removal from the skin

  • Improves the appearance of dull skin

  • Crows feet reduction

  • Diffusing dark under-eye circles

  • Non surgical eye lifts with ENDYBLEPH

  • The tear trough is a groove that develops between the eyelid and the cheek. It occurs because of loss of fat just beneath the skin and is accentuated by orbital fat above it bulging forwards. An eyebag is a common term for these signs of aging in the lower eyelid.

  • Reduces dark circles under the eyes

  • Rejuvenates tired looking eyes by plumping up hollows

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • ACCOR TM plasma pen lifts loose skin around the eyes.

  • Eye skin is tighter and younger looking

  • Improves laxity and texture

  • Tone and texture is improved

Alumier – Eyeconic

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Radara – Eye Rejuvenation

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