Teeth Clenching (Bruxism)

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Teeth clenching and grinding is mainly caused from stress and anxiety and many people do not recognise they are doing it. Clenching and grinding often takes place when you are sleeping or when experiencing a sense of pressure.

Common Causes

The exact cause of bruxism is not exactly known however it is suspected that certain factors contribute to this. Such as stress and anxiety or sleep disorders such as Sleep Apnea.

Related Treatments

Muscle relaxing treatment

By relaxing the jaw muscles that contribute to teeth clenching, with a series of small injections into the masseter muscles, it will allow the muscles to relax and prevent them forcefully contracting thereby preventing teeth grinding and clenching. The relaxation of the muscles will majorly reduce any previous pain and headaches causes from the clenching and grinding, protects your teeth from any further damage and overall makes you feel more liberated as many patients feel pain free after this treatment.