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Milia are tiny white bumps within the skin that commonly appear on the face, around the eyes and cheek, but can be found on the body also. Milia usually feels hard to touch, has a pearl like appearance and cannot be squeezed out of the skin . Milia is not harmful or contagious and some may disappear naturally over time. We understand that Milia can cause some insecurity as they can be very difficult to disguise. The good news is, they are very easy to treat!

Common Causes

Milia is formed when a protein called Keratin gets captured beneath the outer layer of our skin. As this is trapped, overtime it becomes hard and forms a lump in the skin, which can get bigger with time.

Related Treatments

HydraFacial MD

This treatment is great for preventing Milia coming back in milia prone skin as the facial cleanses, exfoliates and extracts impurities and comedones to rejuvenate and detox the skin.

If necessary, once the skin has been prepared with Hydrafacial, we can carry out extractions of milia with a tiny needle.


Cryopen is a safe and effective treatment for removing Milia. This treatment uses Nitrous Oxide to freeze the lesions and takes only a few seconds to carry out.