Thin Lips

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Having thin lips is all a matter of personal opinion, however the desire to have larger, plumper and fuller lips is now available. 

Common Causes

Genetics- The size of a personals features are all passed down through genes from your parents which can determine if you have naturally thin lips or not.

Ageing- As we age the collagen in our lips decrease and the muscles fatigue making your lips look and feel thinner than before.

Smoking- Smoking can cause excessive wrinkles around the mouth which make the lips appear thinner.

Related Treatments

Dermal Fillers

This treatment works by injecting a Dermal Filler into the lips. These fillers contain hyaluronic acid, this is naturally found in our skin and contributes to volume and hydration of healthy skin. This treatment adds volume and shape to the lips with results that are immediate and can last up to a year till the filler is naturally broken down by the body.

Hydrafacial Perk for lips

This revolutionary lip treatment gently exfoliates, slightly plumps & hydrates the lips. Hydrafacial lip perk treatment takes around 10 minutes and you take away the lip serum at the end. This is normally an “add on” to a full 6 step Hydrafacial treatment, or it can be used as a single treatment on its own.

Pay as you go

2 Treatments
£ 550 Total payment
  • 2 payments of £275 each at time of treatment
  • 6-9 months apart

Pay up front

2 Treatments
£ 425
Saving £125
  • £425 instead when you pay up front, saving £125
  • Have your second treatment 6-9 months after your first

Spread the Cost

Spread the cost over 6 months
£ 40 Monthly payment
  • Save £90
  • Initial Payment of £220 followed by 6 monthly payments of £40