Skin Tags

Pedunculated skin tag or acrochondon or soft fibroma. Papilloma bump on male body macro shot. Fibroepithelial polyp on stalk. Benign epidermis lesion close up.
A skin tag is a soft, little, skin- coloured growth that attaches off the skin. They are made of blood vessels and relaxed collagen fibres ( a type of protein). Skin tags are completely harmless and can range in different colours and sizes.

Common Causes

  • Hormone Levels - skin tags can develop the hormone levels in the body change, this is why some women develop skin tags whilst pregnant.
  • Skin Folds - when the the skin caresses together it can result in skin tags being formed. This is why many people get a skin tag on their neck and armpits

Related Treatments


This treatment involves applying a very fine jet of cryogen (cooling fluid) to the skin tag. This will freeze the skin tag and leave the surrounding tissue unaffected. The freezing temperature will restrict any blood supply to the skin tag as well as killing the cells in it. As a result the skin tag will scab and after about 10 to 14 days the tag will fall off, and the skin underneath will be healed.