Exploring the benefits and nutrients the orange ‘superfood’ holds and the Alumier MD products rich in its nutrients. 


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Following the latest government guidelines, our clinics remain open until closing time on Wednesday 4th November. Good News! You can reschedule your appointment, book a free online consultation or future appointment, and even order products plus receive discounts for treatment packages.


How to use your NEWA device at home

In this video Tracy explains how to use the NEWA radio-frequency device to increase collagen, reduce wrinkles and change your skin for good. This device is for home use treatments and takes only 25 minutes to do the full treatment. It is based on CLINICALLY trialled and proven technology, which comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.




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The ageing process starts when women are in their 20’s, maturity is reached around the mid-twenties, then a steady decline occurs and is accelerated during the menopause. The menopause officially begins one year after a woman’s last period. As hormonal levels plummet many unwelcomed changes occur. Since we specialise in skin care and hair removal these are the areas of focus in this blog post.

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We all lead very busy lives and have pressing demands on our time but if we don’t look after ourselves, we are no good to others. As much as we would love it, looking good and feeling amazing doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a continuous work in progress. We can, however, speed up the process for you but you will need to do a bit of work and start making room in your diary for your chosen end result.