things that go bump in the night - hydra facial and good skin care to avoid spots

Not Ghosts and Ghouls … SPOTS .. eek!

Have you ever gone to bed looking like a flawless princess and woken up to find a spot or two has erupted on your face? Well you’re not alone.

In this blog we explain why this happens and how you can avoid it happening to you.

What causes spots?

Skin contains sebaceous glands that release natural oils known as sebum, which are responsible for keeping your skin hydrated. It also locks in moisture and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier.

Sebum travels to your skin surface through skin pores. However, sebum can also attract dirt and dust, which can settle in the skin pores and block them.

It is common to have clogged skin pores in the face, nose, forehead, and cheeks as dead skin cells, excessive oil, dirt, and bacteria accumulate in the pores.

Clogged skin pores are easily visible on the skin surface, appearing larger and darker and often leading to the development of blackheads and pimples. If your pores continue to be clogged, they may become dilated over time. We highly recommend you adopt a skin care regime to prevent clogging of pores and to keep your skin healthy.

Why adopt a skin care regime?

A skincare regime is simply a collection of products you regularly use to care for your skin. As we are all individual our skin care needs will be different so a one size fits all approach to skin care is unlikely to have consistent results.

Book in for a free consultation and we will provide our expertise to advise you on the best skin care regime for your skin.

As a good starting point though it is important to include the following into your morning and evening ritual. Hover or click on each number to learn more about each critical skin care step.

1. Cleanse Your Face & Neck

You may be tempted to skip this if you cleansed the night before but overnight your skin purges oil and debris (such as any missed make up, etc.).

We can advise you on the best cleanser for your skin which will either come in a lotion or wash depending on your preference.

2. Apply a Toner

Toners may seem unnecessary but they rebalance your skin's PH levels. If your skin's PH levels are unbalanced this can result in redness and irritation.

Some toners can also benefit the texture and appearance of the skin too.

3. Apply a Serum

Serums contain active ingredients to address your specific skin concerns. For example, Alumier's Everactive C&E serum works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also protects against UV damage whilst and brightens the skin.

4. Apply Eye Cream

Eye creams are really effective for reducing dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, reducing the visibility of blood vessels, and puffiness. The under eye area is extremely thin and sensitive so we'll work with you to choose the correct product for your skin type.

5. Apply Spot Treatment & Retinoid

These products are extremely individual to your needs so please book a consultation so we can determine the right products for your bespoke needs

6. Apply a Moisturiser

For your daytime regime choose a moisturiser that contains an SPF 30+.

In the evening choose a thicker and more hydrating moisturiser that includes hyaluronic acid that will help your skin hold onto water and leave you with plumper looking skin in the morning.

We Highly Recommend a Hydrafacial to Extract Black Heads & Whiteheads, Oil, and Impurities

Hydrafacial to extract pore impurities

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