Pigmentation and Freckles

Freckles on back of man closeup on white background. Pigmentation and lot of birthmarks on male shoulders. Skin problems
Pigmentation and freckles are patches of skin that advance to a darker colour generating an uneven skin tone. Hyper-pigmentation is the excessive change in pigmentation in the skin.

Common Causes

Related Treatments

Laser Skin Treatment

Laser Skin Treatment can minimise pigmentation and preventing it getting worse. By using terse pulses of laser light to the definitive area the laser light is absorbed by the cells containing the excess pigmentation whilst leaving the unaffected areas harm free making your pigmentation appear much clearer, brighter and smoother.


This treatment involves applying a very fine jet of cryogen (cooling fluid) to the pigmented areas. This will destroy the tissue by freezing the inter cellular fluid but leave the surrounding tissue unaffected. The freezing temperature will kill the pigmented cells. As a a result between 10-14 days the skin underneath will be healed.