Female buttocks before and after cellulite skin isolated on white

Cellulite is the name for bulges and dimples in the skin commonly affecting the buttocks and thigh regions. These dimples and bulges are formed as the body fat deposit pushes through the connective tissues below the skin.

Common Causes

  • Tissue Formation - In women the connective tissue and fat cells in the dermis and below are organised vertically, these fat cells can bulge into the layer of the skin forming the appearance of cellulite. Differently, in men the tissues have a crossing construction making it more difficult for the appearance of cellulite to show.
  • Age is another factor as the skin can become looser and thinner increasing the chance of cellulite becoming visible.
  • Menopause - as women approach menopause Estrogen decreases causing the blood flow to connective tissue to similarly decrease. Lower blood flow means less oxygen is delivered to the area causing a reduced amount of collagen being created. Falling Estrogen levels also cause enlarged fat cells all combining together to make our fat deposits more noticeable.

Related Treatments


Causes thousands of tiny punctures as the device is moved over the skin. This causes micro wounding which stimulates the body’s natural healing processes without causing great damage for the skin. This will help reduce the appearance of cellulite’s lumpy and bumpy texture.


A therapeutic scheme that can effectively treat cellulite at every stage. CELLUERASE: Microsurgical blade specifically designed to erase depressed lesions that results from the alteration of the network of connective tissue strands that tethering the dermis to the deeper layers.  This is done with local anaesthetic.