Sun Damage

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Sun damage means skin conditions that develop due to direct sun exposure. This exposure to direct sun light damages skin cells and can source many skin conditions, some more harmful than others. Ultraviolet Radiation damage (UVR damage) can manifest in the skin in various ways, including collagen degradation and the formation of wrinkles as well as loss of elasticity, pigmentation, skin cancers, redness and visible vessels etc. We have a variety of treatments available depending on your particular skin issues to help get your skin back to optimum health and appearance.

Common Causes

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Related Treatments

Chemical Peel

Forget every negative imagery the name Chemical Peel may present, Instead, replace your misconceptions with the simple fact that this amazing treatment simply exfoliates your skin at a deep level, stimulates new cell growth, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and leaves you with a smooth and radiant complexion.


Hydrafacial is packed full of the most powerful antioxidants which work to counteract the damage of free radicals – caused by pollution, sun and stress – which can damage the skin, accelerating the aging process. Hydrafacial can address all skin needs, so each treatment is tailored to suit your skin type.

Laser Skin Treatment

Laser Skin Treatment can minimise sun spots and preventing it getting worse. By using terse pulses of laser light to the definitive area the laser light is absorbed by the cells containing the excess pigmentation whilst leaving the unaffected areas harm free making your pigmentation appear much clearer, brighter and smoother.

Many of our treatments are suitable to help with the overall appearance of your skin, improving skin health, anti ageing, reduce wrinkles and keep your skin looking younger for longer. Please check out our treatments menu.