Stretch Marks

Female buttocks with stretching marks before and after treatment.
Stretch Marks appear on the surface of the skin as narrow streaks or lines that are usually long and thin. Stretch marks are initially often red or purple as stretching leads to the middle layer of the skin to tear, these tears in the dermis allow blood vessels beneath to display through.Most Stretch Marks gradually fade to a silvery-white colour as the blood vessels eventually reduce in size allowing the pale-coloured fat beneath the skin to attain through.

Common Causes

  • Rapid Weight Gain if you gain a lot of weight over a short period of time stretch marks can appear, even if that weight is lost they can still remain on the skin, however some do eventually fade.
  • Puberty The process of puberty causes the body to rapidly develop though growth spurts cause stretch marks to appear.
  • Corticosteroids inappropriate use of corticosteroids like creams or lotions used to treat skin conditions such as Eczema causes the amount of cologne in the skin to reduce. Collagen is the responsible protein for keeping the skin stretchy, therefore due to reduced amounts stretch marks may occur.
  • Pregnancy When you are pregnant you produce hormones to soften the ligaments in the pelvis to prepare for labour. These same hormones can also soften the fibres in the skin causing stretch marks.

Related Treatments


Dermapen causes thousands of tiny punctures as the device is moved over the skin. This causes micro wounding which stimulates the body’s natural healing processes without causing great damage for the skin. Due to this healthier skin is composed during the healing process. This reduced the appearance of stretch marks and generates new, smooth, streak free skin.

PRP or The Vampire Facial Treatment

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) contains white blood cells as well as adult stem cells. These promote growth factors into the skin that help compose the creation of new collagen and elastin reducing the appearance of stretch marks from the inside out in a subtle appearing way.