PRP Treatments

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PRP (PLATELET-RICH PLASMA) is also known as “The Vampire Facial” and is a great treatment for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and stimulating new collagen. It has become very popular over recent years, with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian promoting the treatment on social media. The great thing about this treatment, is we don’t inject anything foreign into the body, its all natural and works as a result of your bodies own healing system. Read on below to find out exactly how it works.

What can PRP be used for?

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improve the appearance of skin and leave you with a youthful glow
  • Volumise the deeper layers of the skin to give better support under the skin
  • Improve skin tone
  • Improve skin texture
  • Firmer skin


  • Active acne
  • Acne scarring
  • Flushing

PRP Treatments

PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma) also known as the Vampire Facial or Dracula therapy relys on using the body’s own self repair mechanisms.
A small amount of the patient’s own blood is taken and placed in a centrifuge and the plasma is separated from the red blood cells.

This platelet-rich plasma is then re-injected in the area to be treated. This platelet-rich plasma contains Growth Factors which will help repair damaged skin and injured tissue.

When these growth factors are injected into the problem area they stimulate other growth factors in the skin to grow and increase in number, this stimulates the repair so increasing skin volume, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin.

Numbing cream will be provided so the treatment is as comfortable as possible, but manageable.

You will see the results around 8 weeks after the treatment. As always, good skin care will enhance the improvements.

Optimum results after 3.

Treatment overview

Condition Treated

Scarring, Aging, Open Pores and Dull skin

Procedure Time

120 minutes



Treatable Areas

Eyes, Face, Neck, Scalp, Chest and Hands