Excessive Sweating Treatments

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Excessive sweating is a condition where the body excessively sweats even when it doesn’t need cooling down. We understand this can be make you feel very insecure and embarrassed when there is no obvious cause, however treatment is available to stop this and make you feel amazing about yourself again.

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Your nerve impulses play a extensive role when the body is generating sweat, treatment works to reduce these impulses. A starch sweat test is carried out to identify the exact places the sweating occurs. The treatment is quickly delivered by small injections into each armpit, which massively reduces your sweat production and you won’t have to worry about excessively sweating again. The results last on average up to 6 months but could be more or less and the treatment takes effect usually within a few days.

You don’t need to put up with embarrassing wet underarms when it can be easily solved.