The harsh cold outside and the heating on blast once you are available to find cover means less humidity in the air and often dry cracked skin can rear its ugly head as a result. Luckily we have some top tips to keep your skin glowing this winter even if the weather outside is anything but.

1. Use an SPF cream … The single best thing you can do to protect your skin this winter is applying an SPF cream daily. Many of us ditch the sun protection when temperature starts to plummet however the suns harmful rays are just as strong and damaging particularly from the UVA part of the light spectrum. Even on the cloudiest of days UVA rays are still able to penetrate through and get to our skin. These are the rays which are responsible for ageing skin so be sure to continue to incorporate an SPF cream into your daily routine even in the colder months to keep your skin looking youthful all year round.

2. Moisturise…Moisturisers are important tools in your arsenal for fighting dry skin. For best results pat your skin dry after washing it then apply your oil, cream, or lotion straight away. Moisturising right after washing can help you trap as much moisture as possible in your skin.

3. Eat well and stay hydrated…Keeping your water intake high can prevent your skin from drying out. As well as drinking water you can help your skin by eating lots of high water content foods such as melon, cucumbers, oranges, peppers, tomatoes, yoghurts and soups.

4. Try not to have very hot baths/showers …However tempting it might be to crank up the heat in your bathroom during the colder days of winter it is better for your skin to have a warm, shorter wash. Very hot water strips our skin of it’s natural oils much faster than colder water and this leaves your skin vulnerable to drying out.

5. Exfoliate …No matter how many serums and creams are applied, dry skin will stay dry without some light exfoliation to remove dead skin.

6. Don’t forget about your lips, hands and feet …They need attention too so be sure to keep a hand cream and lip balm with you when you go out as these parts of your body are also prone to dryness in the winter.

Your skin is your best accessory so make sure you look after it. If you feel like your skin needs a little pick me up then book yourself in for one of our treatments today:


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