What is medigrade skincare and why is UV protection important?

If you want healthy, glowing, younger looking skin then this short video is for you. Tracy explains how you can treat your skin at home to improve your skin health and function and beat those wrinkles. In it she explains the difference between High St cosmetics and Medi grade products which are available from professional stockists only. Plus why essential UV protection is often overlooked by people.

How to use your NEWA device at home

In this video Tracy explains how to use the NEWA radio-frequency device to increase collagen, reduce wrinkles and change your skin for good. This device is for home use treatments and takes only 25 minutes to do the full treatment. It is based on CLINICALLY trialled and proven technology, which comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Anyone wishing to purchase one can contact us on (07734) 565864 or email: tracy@indulgencebeauty.me.uk.

NEWA device – one of our ladies sent this picture showing the effect from use on one side of her face for the first time WOW 🤩
Absolutely love this device – only 25 minutes to do your full treatment in the comfort of your own home and NO downtime. What’s not to love when we can tighten up that skin, reduce wrinkles and stimulate collagen ♥️ still £50 off RRP at only £299 AND 30 day money back guarantee – it’s a no brainier!