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spf skincareSeptember marks the start of autumn.  As the beautiful coloured leaves start to fall we start to prep our gardens and get them ready for winter but have you given any thought about getting your body and face ready too?

Laser Hair Removal Treatment – Start it now ready for summer?

Laser skin treatments Banbury, Laser skin treatments Buckinghamshire, Laser skin treatments Daventry, Laser skin treatments Leamington Spa, Laser skin treatments Leicestershire, Laser skin treatments Milton Keynes, Laser skin treatments Northampton, Laser skin treatments Northamptonshire, Laser skin treatments Rugby, Laser skin treatments Towcester, Laser skin treatments WarwickshireAs you pack your summer clothes away and start to sort out your winter woolies, getting your body ready for the summer months seems like a crazy and unnatural thing to do!  But … did you know .. September / October are the perfect months to start your laser hair removal treatment.

But why? … It is likely that a number of treatments are required to remove unwanted hair.  For safety reasons we recommend patients protect their skin from sun exposure for at least two weeks before each treatment.      This is because exposure to sunlight during a course of laser can result in hyper or hypo pigmentation i.e. patches of darker or lighter tone on your skin.  

The average course of laser hair removal treatment takes approximately 6-8 months to complete. So if you want a beautiful, smooth, hairless body(and/or face) to expose to the warm spring and hot summer sun we recommend you start your hairless treatment now.  

The average course of Laser takes approximately 6-8 months to complete which means by next April you will be done and hair free for the Summer ahead.

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Continue with SPF

The single best thing you can do to protect your skin this winter is applying an SPF cream daily. Many of us ditch the sun protection when temperature starts to plummet however the suns harmful rays are just as strong and damaging particularly from the UVA part of the light spectrum. Even on the cloudiest of days UVA rays are still able to penetrate through and get to our skin. These are the rays which are responsible for ageing skin so be sure to continue to incorporate an SPF cream into your daily routine even in the colder months to keep your skin looking youthful all year round.

We recommend, clinically trialled and tested, Alumier Sheer Hydration Broad Spectrum range.  

Rebalance Your Skin Care Regime

Sun damaged skin Banbury, Sun damaged skin Buckinghamshire, Sun damaged skin Daventry, Sun damaged skin Leamington Spa, Sun damaged skin Leicestershire, Sun damaged skin Milton Keynes, Sun damaged skin Northampton, Sun damaged skin Northamptonshire, Sun damaged skin Rugby, Sun damaged skin Towcester, Sun damaged skin Warwickshire

Your skin is a living, breathing organ and, just like any organ, it sometimes needs help adapting to the elements that surround it. So, when your skin is surrounded by heat and humidity, it doesn’t want heavy moisturizers and oils as they can clog pores and cause inflammation and acne. But when the temps drop, it means that colder air outside (and of course all that dry heating indoors) is moving in and onto your skin. In order to keep your skin fresh and primed, you need to up the ante when it comes to your skin’s hydration needs.

We support Alumier’s philosophy, which champions 4 essential skin care products :


1. Cleanse

2. Moisturise and apply serums

3. Exfoliate

4. Apply SPF

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